Author writes

Lust for the world and insincerity has kept us blind from recognizing the truth and understanding revelations.
Even while the world is rounding up, many people, I mean just many…especially the youths are so lost that they are so busy with their education, talking about how they will go to youth service, where they’ll serve, the guy saw and the girl said, this one now working and the other one married…that’s all that we know about…even the very thing that could take away our life alarms us, but we are so lust that we laugh at those things like “this person don’t even know what I’m thinking of” “what’s he even talking about” Oh Father!
The evils are flooding up the room, the streets, but because of our “I don’t care attitudes”, we worship our devils ignorant…those we choose to love, because of the way we chose; are the very devils and demons…yet you say you are out to fight the devil. The demons we plan to attack are our mentors, how foolish!…as though the devils exists in the sky. Oh this generation! After all this prophecies, yet you become a victim, because of sentiments, lust and insincerity…gradually, the reality of destruction is wiping off from our consciousness…woe betide us if after all these prophecies, we become the very victims…
Father help your children.


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