I got a revelation about the red lip-gloss that is often applied by ladies…I was meant to understand that it’s also a prostituting spirit that is driving it. In the description, my mind was driven to some movies, where prostitutes on the streets positions themselves, waiting for their customer…while they stand attractively, they push out their buttocks, push up their reddish/pinky lips, roll and wag their tongue once any male is approaching their location and then with eye signals…while my mind went to these pictures; that of their mouth was picked out and elaborated.

I was meant to understand that the reddish/pinky lips that is been pushed out, is that shape of their vagina. Its reddish color is the reddish/pinky color of the vagina especially when and once ready for /in sex. The waggling of the tongue is that clitoris which stimulates sexual hormones in the vagina.

Now, as many are already defiled sexually, even though some have repented, these picture of the red lip-gloss draws/brings back the sexual thoughts/pictures, arouses the sexual hormones in the male and thereby causing them to sin, first in the mind, then secondly, as some men do not hold themselves, gets carried away, makes steps towards approaching the woman or remembers one girl he thinks he can easily bring down to bed- in all this processes, the man is already down spiritually.

This very demonic strategy is the hoax over the name ‘LIP-GLOSS’. Now, the real inventors which are demonic agents in human skin, know the secret (s) behind it, and as long as it has been introduced, up to this generation, many who are using it are actually ignorant of it as they observed it to be fashion…some others who are not applying it; just felt there is no need for it, and few others don’t like it as they feel better been natural, and still; some others don’t just know why they even apply it.

This very attitude has become a do or die affair to most ladies as they cannot do without it…even the once who are ignorant, Yes; you’ve been ignorant yet causing many men to sin. Now you’ve become aware, if you continue, surely; it will be used against you.


Now, on the other way round…even without this revelation, can’t you be as the Most-High created you…? If there was need for your lips to be red, Most-High, who created you would have made it so. This applies also in other artificial / attachments in women’s world. The ear that you pierced in the name of fashion; is destroying what you cannot build. I tell you, if it was good, Most-High would have opened it while creating you. So also the eye-lashes, the cat-eye, the hair attachments…all these, I tell you, Most-High gave you the one that is good and perfect in His eyes. Going to fix extra lashes, cat eye, extra hair etc is simply asking Most-High ‘don’t you know that you were supposed to give me a cat type of eye? A longer hair, longer lashes, a reddish lips- don’t you know? You actually tell Him that you forgot those things and then that’s why you go fix them…You tell Him that He is imperfect.

I tell you, the creator know the way He created you, no matter what you may refer them as, fashion or whatever name that could suite the sin, when He returns and finds you in another shape/picture, I am sure He wouldn’t be pleased with you. This also; is a common sense. That you dressed a child before going out for the day, you were quite sure of the cloth you wore the child before leaving; but on your returning from work, a very dirty child ran towards you in mind of hugging you, I tell you the truth, you might unconsciously step away, first because that child was more than dirty, and secondly, it’s not the child you expected a hug from , but unconsciously, you might step away, but on recognizing that it’s your child, you would be unhappy, and after which you’ll scold on the child and still send him to go clean up. That is for the human being you see every day, but Saviour, who will be returning just once had advised, you clean up now as there is no second chance for that. This is a common sense! No one who would be happy to see his house scattered when he returns from work. Your body is His house- His temple…stop messing it up.


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