The Mobile Holy Spirit

Many years ago; a gospel musician sang in his song that ‘the Holy Spirit ran away from the gathering because of politics in the gathering. After my experience in that church; just in that last meeting, as I saw Him walk out sorrowfully from that environ after the pastor made that challenging comment against Him, then I remembered the words of this musician, that; “the Holy Spirit has ran away from the gathering because of injustice and mindful wicked schemes brought in into the gathering of Most-High.”

“I waiteth, even in my gathering, to hear my word delivered just the way I said it, but I thirst and thirst yet none satisfieth my thirst…”


(Forever wow-2013)



Nearly; I would have succumbed, as I was pressured to dance in their tune, ignoring the very message given to me. I even began to ask myself “are you sure this is truly the Most-High speaking to you or the spiritism he was talking about?” Not quiet long, as He helped me to stand on my ground, and ‘as I impatiently waited, I saw how the Most-High began to make things clearer to me. Like a vision in early months of the year 2012; he made me to understand how He is leaving each gathering one after the other, step by step. It was like another but last round of supervision “the last opportunity” to all. And this He does; as He leaves-step after step from each gathering. Like a circle, He started at a point and went round the 360o, only the one’s He found worthy that he made his waiting point (Like a retreat point). Then to others; He described to be MOBILE HOLY SPIRIT-this is because of those who still accommodate him, through this people, he moves to deliver any message especially in the gathering but while they leave from such gathering/environs, He leaves with them- for the outer gatherings and the world at large are irritating to Him- so to Him, whoever still make himself available, He moves through such a person like a hand controlling a puppet and like a tunnel for passage till the appointed time of departure.“Shall it ever come back? What is it coming back for when it’s almost time-Just leaving as where one is going back home each of His step, leaves one gathering.”



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