The Big Eyes


Again the same period, in my dream again; while the normal daily activities were going on; people were so busy with activities – suddenly and silently; a big eye appeared in the sky, watching everyone-right there, it meant rapture, as many do not even know how to check if they’ve been living righteously; and all were shocked as each looked up to see the big eye.

Still on same train, in another dream, people were as usual; carried away with activities, and suddenly; the heavens appeared in the sky and there was a very long like red-rug-staircase running down from heaven, down to a very beautiful garden, which was just around a specified area. There; angels were very busy going up and coming down and Saviour also appeared by the right hand side of the stair above, with Him; were about four angels with their trumpets- ready to BLOW. As I looked down, people were still busy with their activities- most of which doesn’t matter to the Creator. Some were busy trading and exchanging money, others were involved in frivolities. Suddenly, there was a tap by my side- drawing my attention to see the red-rug-staircase. Then as I looked up, He said: ‘REMAIN QUIET’! He said this because; I wanted to alert people. Later, I tried to check if my past errors had been corrected- as I thought so, then, He asked it like a question that; “even if this is His coming, what difference would that make, since He had already appeared”? I seemed unworthy within me! Then He continued; “If you know that which you wanted to rush and check; go and do it now” I still turned and looked at people – they never even knew what had happened, as I walked off sorrowfully.


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