Another Rapture



“…if there were any leftover”

Again; it was revealed to me on the 8th of June, 2013; and like the date was kind of announced- getting to that hour; people gathered at the gate- the gate was like the very place everyone knew he or she would gather once its time. Right there as we were all gathered; many were trying to remember if there were anything they had not corrected. Among them were those who were also, already prepared to go to the place of destruction and they refused to border themselves, waiting for that hour to come; that “whatsoever wants to happen; let it happen!” Some others were afraid, trying to re-collect, if there were any leftover, and I was among them. Then, something told me that it is this very last thing you did- that will be used to judge you” immediately; I remembered that there was a very good thing I just did, though I was glad but was still searching- if there is a left over. Other things, when I think about them; I remember how I treated them fairly…though the enemy wanted to use it and commit me…so we kept waiting- but then the situation was that of you cannot change anything again, as though its gummed in your palms…just waiting to be judged.

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