I Saw Him Left


It was during my meeting with our church board while I was still the drama director (Centre of favour theatre : COFT) in my local church…

We were actually planning towards our drama day…the tensity of hatred was so high on me, because I refused to abandon the Most-High’s will for doctrine. Though I thought I was still working with christian brothers; until I noticed the tensity of the hatred that was on me…

Even before then, some of the previous board members, on their handing over, had advised me, that if possible; I should resign from the position, as though it was a political position and like I was been paid. I never knew the kind of pressure they had mounted on these people that made them advised me in such manner, but I felt it while each called and spoke to me.

While we planned towards COFT day, in one of my meetings with the excos, that was on a Wednesday been 2nd February, 2011. From one of my excos- the financial secretary- Kc, told us in the meeting that the Most-High gave him a message for COFT, He told us the Most-High said that COFT day was to be 120days from a day before the meeting day—it was like a message I’d been waiting for. We calculated the days and it fell on a Tuesday been 31st May, 2011. It was an open air message in the sense that he delivered it directly to the house. Then I advised the house to continually pray for the Most-High to help us that it may come to pass, because, earlier before the pronouncement; we were a bit confused as the dates we had were not so favorable to us, but after the prophesy, I purposely gave room for deliberations; even when I knew that I won’t do otherwise as the date was good…and finally; we concluded to follow the date. The next house meeting, we informed the members about the prophecy. Then i later moved to our pastor to inform him about the prophecy, he replied with no conclusion; that after his meeting with the members of the board, he will get back to us…adding that, if the board does not approve it, then it will not hold-that startled me a bit, as I thought he would deeply take into consideration-infact I presumed he never had me call it “PROPHECY”. I also told our supervisor about it, who is also a member of the board, they muttered within themselves in a gathering. Another time came, as we went to hear their conclusion concerning our day. In the discussion, after they had cut down a lot of items in our budget, they still asked us if we could host the day without their money, if given a date, We replied yes! then they asked us to choose a date—this was again sending us back—I met with my excos concerning the date and at the end we concluded to use the date from the prophesy— we wrote it to them as they called us back for a meeting—right in the meeting, they began to question us of why we picked the date, then we openly told them as written in the later—they still asked us “what if the board says no”? We told them we wouldn’t fight them and besides they asked us to pick a date. They went further to asking us why we chose Tuesday and not the usual Sunday, we replied that we were only following the date not that we chose Tuesday—many other questions were asked, but in all, it was as if they were still looking for a fault— they concluded that the date will not be convenient with their plans and requested we pick another date, all these while the time was going and examination was just behind as the semester was short, we told them that we did not know any other date to choose, they know their program and if ours was not okay for them, then; they should give us another date rather than constant postponement and excuses— they stood their ground as the pastor added that “the Most-High respect principles, he follows procedures, he respects position” — he said some other things, then summarized at “if the Most-High told us that date, he will also confirm it”— he continued that; “the way the Most-High speaks; is through his servant, after which he passes it to the congregation, he does not jump”. He also added that “the line of authority is, from the Most-High to the pastor, down to the deacons, and then to the congregation” in conclusion; that, “if the Most-High told you this; let him also come and tell us”. At this time, my heart and spirit was already boiling because it was now sounding like a challenge of power, as if we were in a competition of who hears from the Most-High … And they all echoed in agreement after he had finished speaking. It was at that time I felt a sharp pain in my heart, like a sharp object, piercing roughly, through my chest…I held a heavy load of tears which was about pouring out (I can’t forget that day). Then I cried within my heart saying “he would have just said no date for you people than challenging the Most-High, in that He must tell them as well”. This was what I cried! Still on that seat, I could not see clearly anymore, as my whole being left me, like a trance, my attention/eyes was directed towards the entrance of the meeting venue, then I saw a being, who was on white, and of whom I still described to be HOLYSPIRIT, walking out soberly from the meeting. Where He stood from, is what I don’t know, but I knew quite sure that He left from our direction. Then again, still in same trance, I saw, written in the air – “GRIEVED”… I did not still understand.

As we stood, walking out, it was as if the spirit in me had walked away—I was grieved within my spirit for such a comment and belief—I walked like a dead body, infact, I was breezed home and there, I said to myself “You have tried your best”. I could not catch exactly what happened within me then—the only word that repeated itself was “grieved”. Until I got home, picked my bible, on opening it, the first word that my eyes was directed to was the word – “GRIEVED!”, that, was in EPHESIANS 4:30…other verses later followed…these were;

Mark 3:29



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