The Process of the 14 Activities to End-Time



There are line-ups of events which were revealed and prophesied. Some has happened, some are yet to; while others are yet to be fully implemented; especially in the third and fourth world countries of the world…

Many were witnesses to these prophesies…such events like;

-         Registration of mobile numbers (Sim registration)

-         Computerizing people’s data with their finger prints

-         Use of withdrawal card (ATM)

-         Unified account numbers (10 digits) etc.


Some other events which has also been revealed; and that will soon be introduced, are as follows;

-         One world bank

-         One world currency

-         One world military

-         One World Church

-         World Social security number (SSN-9 digits)

-         Joint world data-base

-         Restriction of calls to unregistered mobile numbers.

-         Free styling of cultism’s and occultisms

-         Closure of ATM machines

-         Introduction of a scratch and pay machine (for all businesses)

-         Compilation of all countries mobile phone numbers

-         Full circulation of credit cards

-         Introduction of the mark of the beast number and logo as the world’s approved trademark, brand name and product logo.



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