Half of the countries of this world bears similar names- a coincidence?

if the name Yahuwah meansWhy is almost all the countries of this world bearing similar names/sounds at the suffix of their names- if not same name, EVEN WHEN WE hear/know they are of different languages, this means that their real names must have been STRIPPED OFF from them; and then given those names uniformed names (AT THEIR INDEPENDENCE) by the world rulers/colonial masters- AND THOSE MUST BE PAGAN NAMES.

Take for instance: Indi-yah, Russi-yah, Argenti-Na, Croati-Yah, Indonesi-Yah, China, Bulgari-Yah, Somali-Yah, Liberi-Yah, Austri-Yah, malasi-Yah, Cambodiyah, Georgiyah , Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Armenia, Yah-sharala (ISREAL), Albania, Andorra, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovania, Macedonia, Latvia, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominica, Jamaica, Panama, Algeria, Gambia, Ethiopia, Eritria, Kenya, Mauritania, Australia, Namibia, Nigeria, Libya, Guinea, Micronesia etc

All these, including their continents EXCEPT ‘EUROPE’ bears same sound, e.g Australi-Yah, Asi-yah, America, Africa and Oceania.

Did you think that this was a co-incident by ALL THESE COUNTRIES from different continents- EVEN WITH THEIR DIFFERENT LANGUAGES? Well, if you had think so, I suggest you have a re-think.

“AND THE WHOLE WORLD FOLLOWED AFTER THE BEAST (Zeus: Ye-zus/Je-zus= Hail Zeus: The Ancient Greek Pagan Sun deity, son of God). MEN WORSHIPED THE DRAGON (God/Gad: the English translation of the Germanic name of the devil- ‘Gudan’) BECAUSE HE HAD GIVEN AUTHORITY TO THE BEAST (Zeus: Ye-zus/Je-zus= Hail Zeus: The Ancient Greek Pagan Sun deity, son of God), AND THEY ALSO WORSHIPED THE BEAST AND ASKED, “WHO IS LIKE THE BEAST? WHO CAN MAKE WAR AGAINST HIM?” (Rev.13:3-4)

The world has been and is still under one power, I once wrote on this timeline, asking: “IF THE NAME ‘YAH-UAH’/ ‘YAHWEH’ means ‘I AM THAT I AM’, I mean ‘MY NAME IS MY NAME’, then, NO NAME WAS GIVEN TO YOU- though I know is a deceptive meaning tagged to that name-‘YAH’; but was instituted in the ‘SO-CALLED’ land of the Most-High- Israel (Yah-sharala): the fake nation prepared by Vatican (the religious tool of the United Nations) to deceive the Children of the Most-High…this was done, so as to believe ALL that is coming from the country-ESPECIALLY when we begin to search for the real Name of the Most-High.

But while we PURPOSELY allow the said meaning ‘I AM THAT I AM’, it does not still make any sense, I mean, after having the knowledge of deceptions here and there in the bible-ESPECIALLY OF NEW TESTAMENT (more than 78% of the entire bible), yet, you joyfully believe that the Most-High said His Name is ‘I AM THAT I AM’/ ‘I AM WHO I AM, meaning, ‘MY NAME IS MY NAME’- so, WHERE IS THE NAME?

I am writing because this is the ROOT OF THE NAME YOU ARE CALLING ‘YAHUAH’/YAHAYAH/YAHUWAH/JEHOVAH/YESHUWAH/YESHUA/YAHSHUAH and all the ‘YAH’s and ‘JAH’s’. Same way the name ‘JE-SUS’ has to be exposed, because EVERYTHING HAS TO BE CHECKED AND RE-CHECKED, I MEAN, THERE HAS TO BE A SCAN AND A RE-SCAN OF ALL THAT WAS SAID…and if you say this is not the meaning, then EXO3:14 IS ANOTHER BIG LIE, which ever way you follow, try to know the meaning of what you follow, even if you have been struggling to know the truth, don’t just give up because your strength is running down. Though it may be sweet on lips, easy on the lips, and must have become part of our life- YET, WHO OWNS THAT NAME?…

United Nation’s Chairman: Mr. A1, SINO.AS SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST a.k.a Big Top Royal K 681 King of King’s M1 once told you that ‘HE IS SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF ‘GOD’…he also told you that you should not mind to know who he is, “I AM WHO I AM” he said. (https://www.youtube.com/watch…). If you listen carefully in his speech, you will RECONFIRM who owns that name ‘GOD’, I mean, you will know who is ‘I AM THAT I AM’… Meanwhile, who said ‘ALLAH (AL-YAH) of Islam and ‘EL-YAH’ of Isreal is not the same?

Most of us who have written one O’LEVEL Examination, or Higher Institutions’; many times a question is set to you, the question often states:

“STUDY CAREFULLY”, “EXAMINE CAREFULLY”, “CAREFULLY EXPLAIN…”, this is because they had INDIRECTLY FIXED the answer of the question in the lines of the text or via your ability to detect secrets/ dig out their intention- SO AS TO KNOW IF YOU ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK…

Put more attention in the study of truth…those who search for truth (RESEARCH) FOR KNOWLEDGE SAKE will not FIND THE TRUTH, they will always ‘FLIP THROUGH PAGES… but for those who saw the evils/injustices done/happening in this world and are bittered over it; will sacrifice their time AND LIFE to dig out and expose all lies…while studying; study with your ATTENAS LIFTED, your hormones eager, like one who has only a bullet for his ten enemies, like one who saw a pythons skin in his home, I mean, AS WISE AS SERPENT, VIGILANT AS A DOG…studying with the mindset that you had found evil where you least expected (bible), therefore; all ‘said’ MUST BE VERIFIED! By so doing, you will discover that some of the things you had believed; will be proven false SPIRITUALLY, LITERALLY, HISTORICALLY and otherwise- AS THEY HAVE NO ROOT.

The CURRENT situation and condition of this world is a direct example/characteristic of the One that is ruling this world… Almost all countries were directly or indirectly attached with that name ‘YAH’…

“He opposed (placed) himself OVER EVERYTHING that is called of the Most-High or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in the Most-High’s temple, proclaiming himself to be the Most-High” (2thess 2:4)