In order to disobey the major (10) commandments/laws (613 in total) of the Most High – HERE IS WHAT THE DEVIL DID VIA Greeks/Romans on each of it…

  1. Do not worship any other spirit- except your creator


AND FIXED THEM INTO THE SCRIPTURE, and so we call/worship them 24hrs- WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE- as the generation that knew the truth had been wiped out/went into extinction.


  1. Do not make any idols

‘They introduced the image of the cross (which actually represents the SUN god Zeus) via Emperor Constantine (AD 312) – A RENOWNED ZEUS WORSHIPPER and lied that “the Saviour was crucified on it and so we use it to remember him”- BUT YOU CHECK IT, HOW CAN THE SAVIOUR DIE ON A CROSS THAT WAS INTRODUCED 312 YEARS AFTER HE HAD DIED? FOOLISH!


  1. Do not misuse the name of the Most High

‘Not only did they REMOVE the Name of the Most High from its position (Isaiah 14:12, 2Thess. 2:4) and placed ‘Ye-Zeus = Ieo-sus = Je-Zeus = Je-sus (meaning ‘HAIL ZEUS, the ancient Greek pagan Sun god) –the beast (Rev.13:3-4 ) and the name ‘GOD’ (WHICH IS THE REAL NAME OF THE DEVIL); they also placed it in a manner that we won’t recognize that it’s the Most High’s Name, thereby causing all to MISUSE, PROFANE AND BLASPHEME THAT NAME (Isaiah 52:5-6)


  1. Keep the Sabbath day holy

‘The Sabbath Day which is ONLY determined by each SEVENTH DAY after a New Moon, they created A CONSTANT/FIXED CALENDAR (Gregorian calendar), named them after gods and goddesses- YET, called the seventh one SABBATH- (first deception), and later changed people into worshipping on the first (demon) day- ‘SUN-day’ called Zeus: the father of all demons (Known in the Christendom as ‘Ye-Zeus = Ieo-sus = Je-Zeus = Je-sus meaning ‘HAIL ZEUS, the ancient Greek pagan god)- THE SECOND LAYER-DECEPTION -under worship day.


  1. Honour your father and mother

The more the name of a god is called; the more his power of dominion increases and the more evil and wickedness prevail… there can never be any positive thing when evil rules, hence, there is disobedience- even a boy sleeping with his mother, and a father his- daughter


  1. Do not murder

The rule of Zeus is the increase of all manner of strife, wickedness, hate, jealousy- and murder is not absent.


  1. Do not commit adultery

The goddess of sex and fertility called ASHTORETH/ASTARTE/EOSTRE/ISHTAR/EASTER/ESTHER (1 SAM 7:3-4), a step down servant goddess to Zeus is in-charge of this.


  1. Do not steal

Stealing is a usual attitude caused by lust, envy and lack of contentment


  1. Do not lie

It’s a daily food to billions of people on earth… a ‘CAN’T DO WITHOUT’ meal… the personality called ‘GOD’ (Not the Most High as we think) is the father of all liars.


  1. Do not covet

The greatest evil done in this world was the spread of the name of this beast- ‘Jesus’- the Prince of this world (John 14:30) and representative of God (devil) via the Vatican. And as long as he rules this world; all manner of evil and wickedness will continue to happen and increase daily.


NOTE: when you here ‘GOD’, always remember that we don’t refer to THE MOST HIGH, but the very personality who has that name, I mean the devil (Isaiah 14:12, 2Thess. 2:4)