THE FIRST KING JAMES BIBLE (1611) calls him ‘IE-SUS’ (i mean Ye-Zeus)

Take a look at the image closely, that is the ‘FIRST’ KING JAMES BIBLE before what you have now…it is called ‘KING JAMES 1611- AUTHORIZED VERSION (HE)’…this image was captured from the King James website (see address above)… from this version; you got the rest of other King James and some other Bible translations…If you look well, you will notice that THERE IS NOTHING LIKE LETTER ‘J’ inside those verses, from the beginning of the bible to the end…another closer look will take you to the name ‘IE-SUS’ which in the current bible translations is written ‘JE-SUS… this is the ‘IE-SUS’ we tell you that is written/pronounced as ‘Ye-Zeus’ in Greek. ‘IE-SUS’ is the Latin form of ‘Ye-Zeus’, and you should by now know who ‘Zeus’ is…Zeus is an ancient Greek Pagan Sun demon…Zeus is highly recognized and hailed in the Ancient Greek/Roman times, so how do you expect them to IGNORE the name during the BIBLE TRANSLATION? It is for this same Zeus that millions of the children of the Most-High were killed for not worshipping him (2Macc.6:1), for the sake of same Zeus that PAUL AND BARNABAS were nearly killed in Fable of Acts 14:11-14 for accrediting the miraculous power to the Most-High. But the deception is that they wrote his ancient name (Zeus) and his modern name (Ye-Zeus). Ye-Zeus is YAH-ZEUS..YAH is the Hebrew name of the devil…It was in the year 1550 (465 years ago) that letter ‘J’ was created OUT FROM the Latin letter ‘I’, and from then, replaced if not all words/pronunciations with letter ‘I’…this is why names like ‘IAMES’ became ‘JAMES’, IUDAS became ‘JUDAS’, ‘IESSE’ became ‘JESSE’, ‘IEREMIAH’ became ‘JEREMIAH’ and so on…THE NAME ‘JE-SUS’ (Ie-sus/Ye-zeus) IS THE BEAST NAME YOU WERE ASKED TO SEARCH OUT in Rev.13:18, but they know that including this name in the bible especially in a position that is positive and stories/tales that are positive will COMPLETELY ROCKET AWAY YOUR MIND FROM THINKING IT TO BE THE NAME- THAT IS THE DECEPTION, they described you and me INSIDE THE BIBLE- LIKE A PROPHECY…YOU WILL BE READING BUT NOT KNOW THAT YOU’RE READING ABOUT YOURSELF…This is why Rev.13:3 said “THE WHOLE WORLD (including the people called ‘ISRAEL’) FOLLOWED/WORSHIPED THE BEAST” it’s a trick…Many churches/gathering claim to see Catholic as the only evil gathering/church, yet, they all HOLD ON TO ‘JESUS’, who brought JESUS to you, i mean, THROUGH WHOM DID YOU GET TO MEET ‘JESUS’? Through whom did you get the bible in your hand- “AND THE WHOLE WORLD WAS DECEIVED” (Rev.12:9)

King James 1611 image- resized