Take note (CAREFULLY) of all that Pope and other Priests are saying lately…they are all truth…they know that their deception had long been rooted in people (even in a one year old baby); and so will be difficult for people to believe/understand even as they mockingly tell you the truth…Here are their recent statements:


-          “Homosexuality is a gift ‘FROM’ God (NOTE: The name ‘GOD’ is the ACTUAL English translation of the Germanic name of the devil, NOT THE PERSONALITY YOU THINK ) – Michele de Paolis: an Italian Catholic Priest: http://shoebat.com/2014/06/05/catholic-priest-says-homosexuality-gift-god-bible-word-god-pope-francis-kisses-hand-praises/



-          “The bible is not the word of God” (NOTE: they know the bible is not supposed to be called ‘WORD OF GOD’- though the mixed up their deceptions into it) – Michele de Paolis: an Italian Catholic Priest…http://shoebat.com/2014/06/05/catholic-priest-says-homosexuality-gift-god-bible-word-god-pope-francis-kisses-hand-praises/


-          “Adam and Eve are not real”- POPE FRANCIS- 2015


-          “Christ is the son of LUCIFER”- (NOTE: Remember THE DEVIL HAS NO SON, so, WHO IS LICIFER?) POPE FRANCIS – Easter Hymn at St. Peter’s Square, Vatican, Rome- April 27th, 2014


-          “Hell fire does not exist”- POPE FRANCIS 2015


-          “The Bible is a beautiful holy book, but like all great and ancient works, SOME PASSAGES ARE OUTDATED.” – POPE FRANCIS 2015


-          “THE TIME EXPECTED OF JESUS TO COME HAS ELASPED- HE WILL NOT COME AGAIN- VATICAN 2013 (NOTE: the name ‘Je-sus’ is a greek name derived from Ye-Zeus. Zeus is an ancient Greek Pagan Sun deity/demon, it’s not human, this is why they used the face of Ceasar Borgie, 2nd son of Pope VI- Alexandria)