Why do we HOPEFULLY look out and expect to see a day the government will announce that EVERYONE’S HEAD/HAND MUST BE WRITTEN A CODE OF ‘666’?

Why do we hopefully look out to see a set of people called ‘ANTI-CHRIST’ who will come in mass and say “WE THE ANTI-CHRIST HAVE NOW ARRIVED BECAUSE IT’S NOW THE END-TIME”?

Who dashed us that mentality that a number (666) will be written on our fore-head or on our right-hand- AS IF THAT IS WHAT WAS WRITTEN? I mean I really wonder if some people really have a copy of the bible or is it SEALED, and then only what our Pastor’s/Priests say or teach us that we take? Though there are deceptions BUT WHAT ABOUT THE VERY LITERAL WRITINGS?

Please, stop expecting anyone to force you to receive the number ‘666’ or the so-called hexagon illuminati logo. The whole world already have the mark- HUH? SURPRISED? YES! When we tell you the whole world was deceived- EVEN AS CLEARLY WRITTEN IN REV.12:9 and REV.13:14; it sounds like we tell tales…we told you that the name ‘JE-SUS’ was used to replace the True Name of the Most-High (Isaiah 52:5-6) and His Son, it sounds like the very anti-christ has landed- hahahahha. Yet, the route to discover this truth COULD LITERALLY begin from your NIV BIBLE- where it is written in its Concordance that the name – “‘JE-SUS’ is a Greek name that means Saviour”. The Greeks (Romans) recognizes Zeus as their savior (Acts 14:11-14)…It was coined from its Latin form ‘IEO-SUS’ (check up the KJV 1611 version) which has its origin from Greek ‘Ye-Zeus’ meaning ‘YAH-ZEUS’. The letter ‘J’ which was only invented in 1550 (465 years ago…1,550 years after the real Saviour had died) replaced the Latin ‘I’ as the Latin ‘I’ replaced the Greek ‘Y’- Greek and Latin do not have letter ‘J’.

The name ‘Zeus’ is a popular Greek Pagan Sun god/demon. Zeus is the father of all gods/demons. One of the known characteristics of Zeus is that when he sets out for a mission or arrives at any region/nation; he sub-merges with the residing god there…the residing demon steps down, devote and transfers his powers to him, Zeus then acts but in position of the residing demon. Another known characteristics of Zeus is that “THE MORE HIS NAME IS PRAISED IN A PLACE/REGION; THE MORE HE DOMINATES THE REGION. Lastly of another characteristics of Zeus is; the more his name is mentioned/praised is the more evil: atrocities, evil vices, fornication rises… this is why the highest immorality is recorded on SUN-DAYS (the ‘LORD’s’ day i.e Zeus Day) after the Germanic goddess day- Frigga (Friday).

Zeus i.e Ye-zeus= Ieo-sus= Je-sus; is the beast representing ‘GOD’ (i.e The English translation of the Germanic name of the devil- NOT WHOM YOU THINK) on earth (Rev.13:2-4), this is why he has no image, rather they used the image of Caesar Borgie, the 2nd Son of Pope VI- Alexandria as His picture, I mean the WHITE MAN PICTURE you call ‘Je-sus Christ/Ye-Zeus Khristos’ (See WISDOM OF SOLOMON 14:15)… do you wonder why it’s also written in the deceptive bible- SO THAT YOU WILL BE READING AND EXPECTING TO SEE IT- WHEN IT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE, and that is why Pope Francis said that “MOST PART OF THE PASSAGES OF THE BIBLE ARE OUT-DATED.”

They duplicated their deceptions, such that after you had struggled to find out one (the first layer), you won’t know that another is under…The name ‘Je-sus’ is the MARK of the beast- NOT A NUMBER (666), but then deceptively threatening they gonna imbed the Micro-chip. So people are actually waiting to see the government force them to receive the Micro-chip- which they will keep gaming as Rev.9:6-20 continues to fulfill.


“And the Most-High said moreover to Moses, Thus shall you say to My children, the Mighty One of your fathers, of Avraham (Abraham), of Yisaaq (Isaac), and of Yakoov (Jacob), has sent me to you: this is My ‘Name’ forever, My ‘MARK’ to all generations. (Exo.3:15)


“He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a ‘MARK’, WHICH IS THE ‘NAME’ OF THE BEAST or the number of his name.” (Rev.13:16-17)

A NAME is as MARK.