The ugliest part of being a girl

The ugliest part of being a girl is waking up
one morning just to find that your
bedspread and your dress is stained with
If you stay alone you’re safe, you can just
pick up the bedspread and your dress and
head straight to the bathroom but if you live
with people, e don be for you, that awkward
feeling of trying to hide, like a kid who has
stolen his mum’s money and is caught red-
You look yourself in the mirror and you can’t
even recognize yourself. It’s either rashes or
terrible pimples, in fact acne. Sometimes it
comes with so much ugliness some other
time it brings extreme beauty. Nawao.
First you get annoyed with the fact that you
have to wash the bedspread,blankets and
dresses. You however realise on getting up
that there’s no strength left in you coupled
with sharp waist pains but you must wash
up, so you move like a soldier who doesn’t
want to die but must fight for his country.
You head to the bathroom, soak the clothes
and stare at them for a while thinking if you
should go ahead or not. The thought of
touching cold water pheew. Hell. If you are
brave, you wash, if you aren’t, you go back
to bed with the excuse that you need hot
water to be able to do what you should do.
When all the clean up is done, it’s dressing
time. All braziers become undersize, the tits
hurt like acupuncture gone wrong and if
you’re insane, you manage wearing the
braziers like that. The sane, walk around
You roll from one end of the bed to the
other, then feel like eating rice,potato and
suya mixed with sugar and a little Viju milk
inside soup, very nonsensical cravings. You
find out this is not possible so you
remember you have left over moi-moi, you
smile then head to the kitchen. On opening
the pot, you feel like throwing up. The once
tasty food now smells like fart.
Mood swings become the order of the day.
If you’re unlucky and you call at this
moment, sorry, friendship has ended
without apology. You want to be left alone
so people’s voices become very annoying.
Picking on everything ,necessary or
unnecessary becomes the order of the day.
Explaining yourself gets irritating and almost
every explanation ends up in a fight. Those
who are not brave bear the pain, those who
are brave just roll up and cry,a favorite place
would be under the bed.
For me, this is the worst time to go to
church. If I ever do so, my jotter would be
full of all the grammatical mistakes of the
pastor. All the people with mouth odor and
body odor would have their names written
in my book of life. I would know everyone
who slept in the service and everyone who
has an old shoe.
This goes on for 3 days to one week
depending on the person.
It is funny that some family members
especially the male folk would expect you to
cook in this state. Hunger go kill una. Choose
your thunder, red or black.
The price of sanitary pads are even
increasing as if women chose to live this
way. Sanitary pads should be free and
condoms not free because people choose to
have sex but menstruation is not by choice.
Tomorrow Bob risky will want to be a Girl
that doesn’t menstruate. On behalf of
Nigerians we dash you to Malaysians.
Finally all those girls that say they can’t study
medicine because of the sight of blood,
come close, can you lie that lie again. Just
give me another reason cos this blood, you
see it, first hand. Every month, every year.
Shout out to every girl out there. We all go
through stuff but we get up, dress up, turn
up and never give up.