The women of today ignited the evil of todays world.

It takes a complete sincere one to adopt the fact that women of today, are no longer women of yesterday…the women of today ignited the evil of todays word as a result of ‘OKE OCHICHO’…if there’s any evil reigning today, it was caused by a woman (especially in IGBO LAND)…this can only be accepted by a complete sincere person, NOT MINDING GENDER. let me tell us, if a woman was not taught by her mother to reject all poor people coming to marry her, THERE WILL BE NO OGWUEGO, there will be no STRIVE AND COMPETITION FOR MONEY, if a woman does not run away from her husbands house because the husband has become poor, there will be no unnecessary strive for money…this strive leads to killing, leads to lies, leads to hate, leads to unnecessary rituals, leads to high risk of following the sea to cross to Europe…why will a woman give attention/ears to ONLY the one preaching money and mansion? why does her ear and eyes NOT DETECT A ‘GOOD MAN’, why does her heart not read out a hardworking man who will become rich tomorrow, why does her heart read out ONLY THOSE WHO HAS IT? OR SPENDS THEIR LAST ON THEM? Why is the so much hatred on the one who is not driving murano, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A MAN WHO TOOK A HIGH RISK THAT NEARLY TOOK HIS LIFE JUST TO FETCH MONEY and come back to marry a woman, WHEN YOU KNOW THAT SAME WOMAN WHO SAID YES NOW< WOULD SAY CAPITAL NO YESTERDAY EVEN IF YOUR LOVE IS TOUCHING “THE MOST-HIGH’S LEG…YOU THINK HE”S A SLAVE, FOOLISH…? go and get money by all means then come and i will say YES TO YOU…you know…many men die childless, because they never marry…they couldn’t afford the high cost or the girl who wants mansions she can’t afford rejected him…they keep imploring whiteman ideology, and force the men to adapt or they will leave…a woman will leave you if you don’t have money, what are we thought…NOTE: I AM NOT WRITING FOR ANYONE”S OPINION…go out there in OSHODI Lagos, Aba, Onitsha, Ebonyi etc in -NIGERIA, look at the ones in diaspora suffering in prisons, some dying in the sea, some killed for drug, all these is because of THE DESIRES OF A WOMAN YOU WISH TO MARRY, which if you don’t have it, she won’t tell you to go for those things, but you will understand by the time you see her with those into those things…they don’t care how the money is gotten, just spend it on them, and lie to them…WHY IS IT THAT IT IS ONLY LIE THAT THEY ENJOY…even if you are a killer, in spite of all this, i still reserve that respect you’re talking about ONLY to that woman that deserves it, NOT JUST TO WOMEN… you will busy hustling, a woman will come by and all she will say to you is what will tear your heart apart, what will discourage you, you will think you’re wearing your cloth at its back…many of them are endowed with INSULTS instead of CARE, BLEEDING instead of COURAGE AND HOPE…tommorow they will go and adopt another white man life, new one now is FEMINISM…how you can show yourself equal with a man, whether a woman is superior or not, there is always ONE PILOT for an airplane- NO COMPETITION, if you’re expecting a man to take care of you, and the family, feed you, cater for you, hustle to build house, ready to share it with you, AND IN ALL THAT DUTY< WHAT YOU”RE AFTER IS TO BE THE HEAD, WHY DIDN”T YOU DO ALL THOSE DUTIES AND SEE IF HE WILL NOT ANSWER YOU “SIR”- since that’s what you want…i just had a little time that’s why i could write this long…if anyone is sincere enough, you will know that the problem of today is women…desiring what they can’t afford. Meanwhile, the so called elders worsens it by make sales out of their daughter as soon as a man knocks at the door…abi you want to say hello to a girl, she will ask you to buy gala and drink- you finally knock at their door, you’ll coming with murano and two cows, “mbosi nma agwo ogu ego, nma eji nwanyi agwo ya” since it is money they want…all around me, i see youths with one parents, one parents…all because of oke ochicho…i can tell you that men started their evil as a result of a woman’s desire…tell me this ONE thing a woman is supposed to offer if not love, yet, the rest are giving by a man…i just cry when I think about all these things…it is to go and get what a woman desire that led our men to Europe, and for most of them to stay; they gat marry a white woman to enable them get what they want, they are been chased into the hands of the white woman without knowing…yet it is forbidden!
There is nothing a woman has not worn as a result of desires and cravings to be like the white woman, so stupid…she has gone naked, half naked, up naked, down naked, infact, if there is a constant message to be passed CONTINUALLY AND DAILY; is to bring back the brains of our women, and everything will be automatically corrected, like I always say: SHE HOLDS THE KEY! I advice you forget about respect for now, especially when using the word “WOMEN” which is general…you can talk about yourself, forget others- we have eyes…transformer is available for those that don’t like this…for those that want to un-friend, you don’t need informing me, for those who know and acknowledge the truth; I respect you too.
I have a write-up of a full package of love and respect for women, a write up that describes what they are that they don’t even know they are, but it’s of no use exposing them, atleast not with this current/popular attitudes…till then!