The Naked truth!

Let me still tell us, though this message would have been more priviledged to my old facebook friends, who most i have lost contact with- THIS WAS A PROMISE THOUGH: which i have began to settle: IGBO’S did not begin in Nigeria, we only settled in this part of Africa called Nigeria some centuries ago…secondly, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, i mean all Nigerians come from ONE DIRECTION- we were ONLY BALKANIZED, that doesn’t mean we aren’t one…just like siblings fight for food, that’s how we are fighting BECAUSE OF THE WHITE MAN DECEPTION- the difference is that IGBO”S in nature are often wiser and craftier, so the white-man found it difficult to penetrate and control us during their invasion 1600…this is where the hatred began- it wasn’t so when they chased us all (Africans/Blacks) in the early centuries. Every Ghananian is a an Igbo and every Igbo is a Ghananian, Ghana is Khana, khana is one from Khan, Khan is Master, master is Mister, Mister is Mistress, Mistress is Shekanna, Shekanna, is SHE, SHE is SHI, SHI is CHI, i mean, CHI is CHINEKE, i just simply mean that CHI-NEKE (THE SHINNING ONE) is CHOIKANTA, CHOIKANTA is CHI-NKE-NTA, CHI-NKE-NTA is CHE-TAN, CHE-TAN is SHA-TAN, SHA-TAN is SATAN, SATAN is LUCI-FER, LUCI-FER is LIGHT BEARER- If you are a BLACKMAN, know this,The Whites thought you what you know and believe- they did this!