ESAU WAS BLACKEsau and Jacob story:
The characters (names) in Gen.25:21-34 are real BUT THE STORY IS A TALE…
Esau was said to be hungry and then He sold His birth right…
The interpretation is:
Esau sold His birth right (LAW) when he disobeyed THE LAW, and so he (his position) was given over to the gentiles (Jacob) as he was punished, thus; the curses in Deut.28:15 began to fulfill on blacks till date. nike air max NOT THAT ESAU IS THE BAD GUY, NO! Esau is the one we are supposed to be answering his name, because, Esau’s (Eshau) name has a link to the Most-High’s Name- BUT THE ROMANS TURNED THE NAMES, THEIR ROLES AND MEANINGS UPSIDE DOWN…The story is a tales, NOT REAL…it’s the proverbolic expression of Deut.28:15.
Esau is actually the black guy, while Jacob is the white… Esau is black NOT WHITE/RED as told.
All the pagan names were PLACED in the position of the roles of the true names of the Children of the Most-high.

Now, if Esau is WHITE (as told), why is Esau (whites) not recognized as the people in bondage. new balance 999 homme Why are they not the ones suffering as written? Why is Jacob suffering all the curses in Deuteronomy instead of Esau? If Esau is white (whose position was taken AS TOLD); why is he still ruling the world. Nike Sko Norge Esau does not mean ‘HAIRY’ as told. Asics authentique In Gen.25:27, it was clearly stated that Esau was a ‘SKILLFUL HUNTER, A MAN OF THE OPEN COUNTRY, A HUSTLER, while Jacob was a quiet man- ‘WHICH OF THESE BEST DESCRIBES A BLACK MAN? ARE WHITES MORE SKILLFUL/HARDWORKING THAN BLACKS, or, ARE BLACKS MORE QUIET THAN BLACKS? Meanwhile, the name ‘ESHAU’ is more related to the Name of the Most-High than the name ‘JACOB (YAHCOB)’…THE TRUTH IS IN BLACK AND WHITE. Asics Pas Cher The only thing is that THEY INTERCHANGED the story (which is the deception), just as North in map became South, and West became East… same repeated in Gen.27:1.
Again, Jacob was clearly described to mean ‘DECEIT’ (Gen.27:36, this is not truly/merely figuratively, but describing the figurative role of Jacob in the tale.