Dear ‘Moon’, please help me tell the world that you’re not NEW TODAY. .i know that they have eyes and can see you up there to know that this Sun-down makes you 21days old you appeared, AND NOT NEW . .help me remind them of Gen.1:14, if you too can pray; maybe you help pray for them to come out of the ‘SPELL OF CHRISTIANITY (RELIGION) – Rev.18:24′, because it’s too deep the deception and difficult to SIMPLY FACE THE TRUTH, we’re just drunk of this delusion and even when we could see the deception; we seem to be just like one who can’t help but keep worshiping the beast (Pagan doctrines). .the strong men are weak, the weak women have been instrument for worse evil, WHO IS STANDING, WHO IS WILLING? The Beast shouts in pride “WHO CAN SEE ME, WHO IS WISE?”, because wisdom have been forsaking, rejected and hated, yet WE PERISH FOR IT, so long the pen.

To those Hebrews who use the pagan Seventh day Calendar (Saturday) as their Sha-bbath; i guess today should also be your beginning of the ’2nd Month’?. .How can you be Hebrews and at same time managing some paganism?

.‪#‎FATHER‬ ‪#‎HELP‬ ‪#‎YOUR‬ ‪#‎CHILDREN‬ #’THE ‪#‎HEBREWS‬/‪#‎IGBOS‬‘. .