Out of their lusts, they develop faith that can help them in their lusts and remain in it, their blindness has made them to keep loving the lies… providing every necessary condiment which will sustain them in the factious world… They hate the truth, therefore; their hearts has been given to deceit: deceit upon deceit, until they meet their doom, since the very truth on their foot; they hate!

Nigeria will send them to a state where they are sure that people are been killed on a daily basis, they will go- they will pray, and then, answer the prayer by saying “it is the will of THE MOST HIGH”, and so will employ their lustful faith to back it up…but when THE MOST HIGH ask them to quit a sin which is not far from them, they will ask: “WHERE IS IT WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE?”…They will say; “Let me pray over it?” But out of their burning lusts, they claim faith and believe that GOING TO NORTH TO SERVE NIGERIA (IN ORDER TO EARN MONEY) IS THE WILL OF THE MOST HIGH.

They question THE MOST HIGH for anything that does not yield income, they ask: ARE YOU SURE IT’S THE WILL OF THE MOST HIGH?” this is because of their lustful thoughts and selfish interest about THE MOST HIGH…all they see from THE MOST HIGH is the benefits… but everything visible and with maximum interest and gain, they say: “THE ALMIGHTY HAS FAVOURED ME”…This lusts is as a result of their unlistening heart, stubborn and selfish thoughts…this, they have hardened their hearts to, in fact; they say in their hearts: “WE WILL NOT SERVE YOU, IF YOU DO NOT ABIDE BY OUR EXPECTATIONS FROM YOU, OUR THOUGHT IS WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU, KEEP YOURS’” They seem themselves as voters, THE MOST HIGH and God (Devil) as CAMPAIGNERS, so any one that gives the quick answer; they go for…anyone that attends to their DESIRES (not His own rule), will be given vote…

“Shall the clay tell the porter how He should mould it?” The porter has the right to crush whosoever that disobeys the order, yet, He’s so merciful and not easily angered… they quickly obey the man-made gods, they mermaid spirit, the Air spirits, the tree spirit- so it doesn’t hurt them, even when they know that these gods will be destroyed someday, but they just want to enjoy it while it lasts, probably, return to THE MOST HIGH immediately after that, WHO IS THEN A FOOL? All they want is to be on the gaining/happening side- NO LAW IS NEEDED! As though THE MOST HIGH so needed them, as though HE CAN’T RAISE THE STONES…In our vocabularies we tell Him how He should be, and not the way He’s ruling- we dictate for Him; right in our hearts…we say all these in our hearts, yet HE WATCHES US, VERY PATIENT! We only remember His faithfulness, His mercies, but do not remember HIS LAWS…we do not remember His anger… He gives rain to the wicked, the poor and the rich, the righteous and the crueled, SO THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE EXCUSE.

The judgement of THE MOST HIGH is already hanging on our necks, His wraths, which you have never seen are already hanging on our necks, WE CANNOT BEAR IT WHEN HE WILL REIGN THEM DOWN… (REVELATIONS)…STOP THE LOGIC, STOP THE VOCABS…Repent, cos you won’t stand it. He will pull the world upside down, release His wraths, hook your gods, He will come out for battle Only BY His WORDS…Because His presence will cause more harm…BECAREFUL! BECAREFUL!! You were warned in 2John 2:15 not to love the world…but you have disobeyed, and have started seeking for reason why you must remain in your lusts… BECAREFUL, FOR MY ANGER IS NEAR, IT WILL BURN EVERY UNCLEAN THING UNDER THE SUN- NO UNHOLY THING SHALL STAND IN HIS PRESENCE…BECAREFUL- “SO SAYS THE ALMIGHTY!”