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The next evening, at Clube de Fado, we knew something special was unfolding when a well dressed entourage of 10 swept in, with much hand kissing and photo taking. All our Portuguese speaking waiter could say by way of explanation was “Famoso!” Gradually we learned the entourage included a legendary Brazilian singer, Fafa de Belem, along with Cuca Roseta, a popular singer who’s part of fado’s new generation. Three house singers had already performed, but Fafa and Cuca gave impromptu concerts.

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The 13th studio album finds Alison Moorer big sister sticking faithfully to her own path and moving at her own pace, traversing southern soul, breezy folk pop, Bonnie Raitt ish blues, shadowy country balladry, slow burning roots rock and more. And doing it all with a skill, artistry and innate grace that few of her contemporaries can match. While retaining the wholesale nhl jerseys majestically layered orch pop grandeur that defines their work along with Watson haunting wholesale mlb jerseys melodies and mournfully soulful falsetto they gently upgrade their program with everything from pop and glam to chilly electronic textures and post rock ambience, plus lyrics that probe concepts of humanity, individuality, love and free will.

Johnson, who says that his biggest inspirations in life are “sunrises” and “smiles,” spent several months before becoming Penney’s CEO traipsing across the globe to find ideas on how to transform the company. On the itinerary: meetings with executives at trendy retailers and designers such as Gap, J. Crew, Diane Von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren..

War’s inherent fog and friction persist. In the case of drones, that fog is often generated by faulty intelligence, the friction by malfunctioning weaponry or innocent civilians appearing just as the Hellfire missiles are unleashed. Rather than clean wars of decision, drone strikes decide nothing.

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