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“THE CHURCH was written out of the encumbered burden, caused as a result of the misleading and misdirection of the Most High’s people. It hits more against the hypocritical prophets (the Pharisees), who took over the pioneering of the temple, using the wisdom of man to lead the believers, thereby misleading and misguiding the congregation.

The temple that was meant for the gathering of the saints, the temple that serves as a refugee camp for the believers, the temple of the Holy Spirit, the temple where if sinners run into it they get saved (now a motivational ground—a hyping centre with motivational speakers), is now more like a recreational or political ground, than the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Principalities and powers who took over as prophets, pastors and reverends, deacons and deaconesses, scrapped off anyone who does not bow or recognize their presence in the temple. They groom up their pyramids of fellows—those who worship and adore them and those who nod at their ideas.

Due to the excavation and suspension of the Holy Spirit from the temple, and the adoption of our human ideas and methodologies, creativity and procedures; the owner of the temple is no longer found in the temple, and the temple of Most High is now found in this present state of illness (A Temple without the Holy Spirit—a temple without power).

A clean, white temple without spot or wrinkle; a temple without blame; a temple with a living conscience; a temple with Agape love; a temple where truth, faithfulness and justice are found—this is the kind of temple where His presence loves to dwell.

“[Y]et you have a few people in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes”(Rev.3:4–13).

It’s PRECISE, thick and undiluted.

It’s a book that demands total concentration and meditations, as it contains lots of exposition, parables, and words of wisdom that call for intent reasoning.

“As I walked through the church, came out of its outside, on my looking back, I sighed bitterly, then I looked into the world there I saw what the church was clamoring for instead …”

The eye-opening book The Church … And the World in the Place of the Church explains why the Christian church is in trouble.

Learn what has been happening within the church and how spirituality has been replaced with democracy. The temple that was meant for the Holy Spirit has instead been turned into a political ground, where the majority carries the vote in spiritual affairs, instead of what our Father- The Most High wants us to do.

The temple that was meant to be a refuge for the believers has become a comfort zone of sinners. The temple that was meant to preach the word, now needs the word more than the world.

The church … Oh Father! Help your children out of the church.








Like another Bible is written! It contains revelations and proverbs JUST AS THE WORLD ENDS... WHY IT MUST ENDand is calculative in reasoning…


As the Author drives through the walls and corners of the World’s secrets: The Fourteen World Agenda, the archives and stables of truths are brought to exposure. It’s a bottle of wisdom- Drink and get wise!


“Psychologically, spiritually and physically, I have studied this world and come to a conclusion that: it failed break, and the break it failed can no longer be controlled until rapture and that is why I wait for it.”

—Forever Wow: 472 2014


“If the world must be rehabilitated as many are thinking, and some others already agitating; then, all the martyrs of freedom fighters and heroes who were killed in their fight for freedom, the sounds of the innocent, the aborted babies, the maimed, and all the rest of the uncountable injustices done on the face of this earth, should be resurrected and apologized to, then the world, automatically will be rehabilitated. But since it’s obviously impossible, and beyond their powers to do this, that is why the world must be put to an end . . .”


It’s educating, informing and a revelation. It’s the world at a view, just as the world ends, as its time elapses; their whole activity unfolds, “for every secret under the sun shall be revealed at the last days…”


“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order”.
(David Rockefeller-New world Order)



It’s all about the world; it’s all about its activities; it’s about the world at a closer view. It’s about some secrets, the fundamentals of the world, the indignation’s, just as the world ends and why it must end.

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