About the Book


“THE CHURCH was written out of the encumbered burden, caused as a result of the misleading and misdirection of the people. It hits more against the hypocritical prophets.

Principalities and powers who took over as prophets, pastors and reverends, deacons and deaconesses, scrapped off anyone who does not bow or recognize their presence in the church. They groom up their pyramids of fellows—those who worship and adore them and those who nod at their ideas.

It’s PRECISE, thick and undiluted.

It’s a book that demands total concentration and meditations, as it contains lots of exposition, parables, and words of wisdom that call for intent reasoning.

“As I walked through the church, came out of its outside, on my looking back, I sighed bitterly, then I looked into the world there I saw what they were clamoring for instead …”

The eye-opening book The Church … And the World in the Place of the Church explains why the church is in trouble.

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